The Be-Witching of Corbyn

The media which-hunt that has dogged every step of of Jeremy Corbyn’ s Labour leadership has the classic elements of where a victim is blamed for the ills of a community then cleansed by its destruction.

Since his election his dress, singing, abilities and intellect have been savaged in broadcasting and print; twopenny commentators embroider with sly jokes and innuendo any ability he has is questioned.

What was said, done and to whom in the past are used in evidence to solve unsolved mysteries concerning known Satanic (political) activities and curses are uncovered.

There are those in the witch- hunt for personal reasons. “But “friends” (some close) find doubts arising from this “evidence.” The plot unfolds ending in trial by fire or water. Guilty if surviving or innocent if not.

Missing from this plot is a person who considering this so unjust will speak out.. Hilary Benn maybe in his pose as the conscience of the Labour Party instead joins the Blairite sitting with the knitters (deprived of their due,) by the pyre.

The latest accusation against Corbyn is his inability to stop the flow of abusive social messages received by Women Labour MPs, (his challenger Owen Smith says it has grown under Corbyn.

The practice of abusive messages, which has to be challenged, is in fact common and growing and has for some time been, to some degree, a weapon of journalists, politicians and sports people. That Corbyn should be able to stop single handed, (even in the Labour Party) what is a major problem for society is asking a bit much. .

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