Damn! that bleeding Tin

It was the honey pot that put this article in motion which was more than could be said for its lid!

By Roy Jones.

An attempt at the normal method of holding the jar tightly in the left hand and and unscrewing anti clockwise gave no indication that it would yield neither did the use of a cone shaped ribbed rubber cap aid for the disable, help.

There was I noticed a minute indent on the rim of the metal lid which before the placing of a tea spoon handle could be used to prize it free. A teaspoon handle though was too thick to do the trick but I was nearly there and a smallish (??// ) screwdriver with a twist did the trick.

Although 86 I have retained quite a number of ways of usage that apply to hands and as a man some strength and a number of tools from my days at work and in the home a number of tools and the skills to use them. These tools and attributes s would not apply to all men and I would presume women from an age earlier than mine.

This capacity of manufacturers of a number of items with the seeming intent of testing the strength, skills and implements (why else would to be) of older people to contend with obstacles put in the way of getting at items, food for instance) that are needed to ensure their well being if not their very survival.

Talking of which how are the chances of the survival of elderly patients helped by the packaging for their needs encased in plastic that have to be pushed out from stubbornly stuck wrappings with thumbs/fingers that have to be like tempered steel if the operation is to succeed.

The odds of succeeding in this operation in time to stem a heart condition becoming fatal are at best remote.

All kinds of implements from toothbrushes, to Swiss army knives to paint brushes are encased in a plastic sealed at the edges with the power to entry indicated by a dotted line that proves to be impenetrable except by the use of a Swiss penknife (which is still encased in its wrapping

Those of us who take porridge as part of the breakfast menu will have come across the ingenuous/dangerous devise at its packet’s top corner designed to transform it into a pour-er with a – flap all that is needed is a “SHARP KNIFE” and some dexterity .. I have found the perfect solution to avoiding the loss of the aforementioned steel fingers, (and a lot of the above).

I leave it to the wife!

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