“Old” did not vote to leave Europe

Don’t let them divide us.

One of the implications of the recent EU referendum vote has been the way in which some younger people have expressed anger at older voters for backing the Leave campaign.
A YouGov poll has been widely circulated on social media showing the age break down of referendum voters.
The results show that 75% of those under 25 voted to Remain, whilst the majority of those over 50 voted to Leave.
However, since then a poll by ComRes has found that more over 75s voted to Re-main than those aged between 65-74.
Some younger people have reacted by calling for changes to universal benefits and the triple lock on pensions, and again there has been widespread comment in the media that the generations that have benefitted from the welfare state are now the ones who are making things worse for their grand-children.
It is clear that age will yet again be used as a reason for making further cuts to public services.
It’s worth noting that the under 65s account for 41m voters, compared to 11m pensioners, and other factors such as educational attainment, social class and geography were also very significant factors

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