Keep Your Shirt On/or/off

I wanna Be your Number one  Clarkson JAY


If I was to wear a numbered shirt as men (not boys) do nowadays ow do it would have to be Number 1 – not only because I was a goalkeeper or for any sartorial bent – but it keeps things simple.

This came to mind on seeing a man with shirt labelled in large type the number 3. The number three what? Husband, in a queue of some kind, in an egg and spoon race?

Being “first” is enough; no-one stops you to ask “What at?” or where or when. You simply bask in its glory. (as an enigma even).

Lest we forget this phenomena emanates from professional football where it has been and is a multi million dollar earner for football clubs.

Enhanced as the flow of players in and out of clubs increases as players move on, and agents fees explode. Fans it is who shell out to swop the latest “Star’s numbered shirt with another.

Meanwhile on the field only the (first choice) keeper is at Number 1, making sense where the other ten once numbered from 2 to 11 right to left changing formations make numbering meaningless. Its no help to fans its just an advertising gimmick.