The Great White Queen.. A story of Xmas past.

This from the Morning Star December 24 1985  ( 32 years!)

Once upon a time in a sceptered Isle riled a Great White Queen. (GWQ) Beloved by her subjects, she ruled with a stern, but loving hand, denying anything that was not good for them.

She knew There was no alternative and convinced them right was on her side. Before her succession, her Isle had fallen into evil ways with the [people expecting something for nothing and believing the world owed them a living.

The pages of the great chronicles of the time warned that only ill would come of this attitude, and lo! it had come to pass. Told that they had “never had it so good” people fell into wayward ways fed by rulers giving into their weaknesses and pandering to the idleness and giving into their cries for “More!”. The Great White Queen aimed to change all that.

She came from a humble background being the daughter of a shop trader. In her formative years, she learned the maxim of thrift, and the “God helps them what helps themselves.” But not in her father’s establishment of course. Her road to the top was difficult but one day she found a hidden power, that of an enchantress, a sorceress.

The power was revealed when one day a man asked her for a kiss telling her it would help her ambitions. There was a kiss. There was a flash. And where the man had stood there was a frog who went through life with her, always one step behind. And with the frog came a Lily Pad in Dulwich.

With these terrible powers, she soon became an aid to those in power. Her first act was to come to the aid of children, who were growing obese, she saw, so she disposed of their enemy, free school milk. As she grew in power, she cast aside Kings who stood in her way of her desire to unburden her people from the dead hands holding them back.

When she took to the throne she told her people at the gates of the palace, in the words of Glen Miller, that she would restore harmony to the band of brothers and sisters. But she did not say that she would be the conductor, lead singer and called the tune.

She was not aware. However that even as she took the seat of power, the mountains and the Valleys of a far land, a young wizard was at work learning the tricks of the trad, tricks he hoped to use against her. In what seemed like no time at all, she increased the quality of life of her peoples times and environment.

Steel mills stopped spewing out fumes, none one had to go down the mines to work or work in the shipyards and assemble cars. People were left in peace. And the sick were not pestered by nurses and doctors who wanted to them good. Children were left to [pursue the things they held dear to their hearts as those who once tried to teach them were sent to Coventry, Nottingham or the River ACAS. In fact, the majority of people did not.

There were some malcontents who complained about then idyllic conditions and subversive bodies from TUCson who told others that it could be better. Kindly she told those that there was who came to her door complaining that “there is no alternative, TINA! – There can be no U-turns, NUTs, Soft options don’t offer real fillips SODORF”

In fact, she told them kindly, courteously, curtly, courageously, crazily and continuously: TINA- NUTS-SODORF,”

When there came a time when some people believed her enchantment was failing, she pulled off her greatest magic. A far dominion dominated by sheep was invaded by scrap metal merchants and in a trice, she mounted a great Armada and smote them from without. There was great rejoicing for her Magic and nobody seemed to notice the blood.

Then when she had to fight a battle with a duffel-coated old pretender the greatness of her victory dwelt within the peoples’ mind and they again sustained her. Her power reached limits never seen before culminating ion making things that diseased her disappear into thin air.

Before their very eyes, the peoples saw great institutions go: The GLC, Ken Livingstone, Metro counties, Oil revenues, British Telecom, British Gas, Michael Heseltine, and they wondered at it. But in the land of mountains and valleys, the wizard (you remember him) was perfecting his tricks.

He was getting on particularly well with hat-tricks. One of his best tricks was to pull out of the hat Roy Hat-tersley. “That’s the ticket” he shouted “a dream ticket.” But it was now known that the sorcerers lose it potency as age advances, And this was happening to the Great White Queen. The first signs were peculiar and centred on her physique, her eye started to drift, a finger contorted and she kept falling down over political banana skins.

Meanwhile, the wizard was faced with what he thought was a “Bad Hat Trick standing in the way of his gaining the crown. He thought “I can’t keep this Hat-ton.” And the Bad Hat was banished to sell his city, it is said,  down the river (Mersey).

Despairing of her own great powers the GWQ turned to the great physicians of the day who dwelt in the great private houses she had helped sustain. They could not help. As her spells lost their potency her crown became tarnished. Even this trying to were cast down.

As the Great White Queen desperately to survive the gods turned on her. She was attacked on all sides The North, South. East and Westminster

It was seen, particularly by the young, for they know about these things, “Look, the sorceress has got no source “ they said. And sourcerly sang: “Nobody a sorceress when she’s sixty?” The people decided that enough was enough. It was best that she went all in one go; and not a bit at a time. “Go!” They cried.

The Great Queen cried, “you need me even if I’m not all there.” “TINA,” they said “NUTS,” they shouted. “SORDORF,” they told her. As for the young Wizard? His day has yet to come. Maybe.


Cast. (who may have been forgotten) The Welsh. wizard ..Labour’s Neil Kinnock, Hattersley his deputy, Hatton .. Derek, Militant Tendency, leader Liverpool C.C, Heseltine a Tory Minister.

Little Boxes – All the Same!

Viewing TV journalists pontificating on the news of Philip Hammond’s budget and willing him to make capitalism work, I became fixed on the voices of the two people debating the issues.

A black man and a white woman both young(ish), from where I am, journalists speaking in accent less tones with varying degrees of poshness. On any such news and current affairs programmes, close your eyes and listen and what will hear are numerous David Cameron’s and Theresa May’s.

What I get this is that “They -all sound- just -the -same” the metre matching those in the song “Lit-t-le box-es” who “all-look- just- the same.!”

 “Little Boxes” was written in 1962 by the folk singer Malvina Reynolds and when recorded by Pete Seeger went into the charts. One pundit saying “Its about about the conformist, quick-fix attitudes of middle-class Americans at the time.”

To the “doctors and lawyers and business executives” made out of “ticky- tacky” just add politicians and journalists ( of the political kind) and “Little boxes” is up to date only more so. The people who run our affairs and those who describe and judge them go unleavened by anything different. There are, increasingly, Labour exceptions, and lively they are too. One eliciting a letter to a newspaper in its praise. But few and far between.

There are those among politicians claiming to come from, a council estate who one can only assume an elocutionist lived next door..

So its altogether Now!

Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes made of ticky-tacky
Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes all the same
There’s a pink one and a green one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all look just the same
And the people in the houses
All went to the university
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same
And there’s doctors and lawyers
And business executives
And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all look just the same
And they all play on the golf course
And drink their mar-tin-ies dry
And they all have pretty chidrren
And the children go to summ-er school
And then to the university
Where they are put in little boxes
And come out all the same.


Rapidly Growing Old? Not Me Brov.

Lets get this clear there is no such thing as ” A rapidly ageing population!” (as in a BBC Trailer) One can only age at the same pace made up of hours, days, weeks, months and years as they come along in their own time. They will not be rushed.

Life doesn’t speed up even if the hours “seem” to go faster they will remain at 60 minutes. The people (and politicians) need not panic fearing of a Britain suddenly over-run by the very-very old.

This means there will be time to work out the best way of dealing with age in our communities. So Stay calm!

Quotes of many colours!

Tune into any TV or radio station’s current affairs programmes at any hour these days and you will find interviewers grilling someone, either the same person or another person on the same subject parroting the very same questions.

Why not save the money and have real parrots different colours for different stations with cards round their necks with names on them. Having learnt the interminable repeated questions they colours parroting thus Parrot! Parrot! parrot! Parrot! Parrot…..





Colwyn Bay’s (new) Jewel in its Crown.

Colwyn Bay’s second phase of its new promenade (Prominad in Welsh) designed to keep the seas at bay is near completion masked at the moment with stuff that spoils its picture. When its finished I’ll post a view.

In the meantime I can post a vision  that is a refurbishment by the work of the Welsh crafts people (although some may be from abroad (England) of one of the Bay’s features built for the convenience of our many visitors to our shore over the years.

When asked by one of the crafts person’s what I thought of their work I could only say “fabulous.”       See what you think?   By the way if it puzzles you a bit:

Yes! It is the Toilet!

I think you have to pay but surely its worth it.  All Iv’e got to do now is find how to attach it!

Here the very jewel ion Bay’s crown!




Crocodile tears wouldn’t have mattered if May had shed buckets full!

Its a bitter irony that the  Grenfell Tower fire should happen as Britain starts to negotiate  its way out of the European Union central to which is seen by some of  its main protagonists as  keeping out foreigners who are “enjoying” this countries  largess. Racism!

Those of  us who argued for withdrawal  from the EU on  economic and political grounds will though need to search our consciences and  ensure there does not lie within us any xenophobic trace and root it out.

The irony is piled on when you consider that the laggardly  response to the plea of middle east women and children to  people caught up in but denied asylum as practices by successive  governments meant that  they could have, some were  I believe, perished in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

They would certainly have joined people housed in the worst possible conditions Britain can provide where private landlords, though not in this case,  make huge profits from their suffering. Some of their own amongst them profiting from the miseries they provide.

This is compounded by the disregard for tenants whose questioning of the dangers of the conditions lived in go ignored. When, as with Grenfell Towers, improvements are made more thought is given to its appearance in the eyes of its rich neighbours, by adding cheap cladding, while failing to fix safety measures such as sprinklers and alarms.

That Theresa May failed to make with the usual crocodile expected is the least of the concerns left in the flames of the towering inferno it shows up a system rotten to the core.


Le Care said it

I found this in Smiley’s People, Le Carre, featuring “your old service”(Labour), “George” (Watson) and my old trot mates

Trots “And there was a scandal George and your old service, the service you love, was involved with a notoriously revanchist outfit – volatile, talkative, violently anti detente -with all manner of anachronistic fixations – a total hangover from the cold war The very archetype our masters told us to avoid

The Old did for May as much as the young!

I find it puzzling that in the various analysis of the 2017 general election the older generation were all along said to be responsible for the ascendency in the Conservative Party’s vote.

I grew up and was active within two generations (at least) between 1945 to 1995 in a period of working class militancy unequalled in the 20th century and certainly since. This was at work, in the communities and in politics, with a small “p.”

We were the “Beat generation,” we “rocked and rolled,” took to “Flower Power” and to “Punk” as we thumbed our noses or “showed our arse” to the ruling class and authority in whenever it impinged on our rights Not just that but building on the struggles of the pioneers we organised and built the trade unions that secured the best wages and conditions ever seen for the working class and its allies.

Did its spirit fade in the face of middle of the road politics? If any section of the population is for turning, as “preached” by Tony Blair it is a section of the middle classes who are more likely to be bought for their votes.

So what? Well; can it be that Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto and demeanour with a “gleam of socialism” relit the gleam in oldies eyes and they returned to its roots and Labour.

It can’t only be the young that Jeremy’s team appealed to. Labour’s popular vote rose by 3.5 million between 2015 and 2017, so it has to be more than the young hasn’t it? The older generation, has a serious claim to be a part of that

Roy Jones, Colwyn Bay.

Vote! Vote! and only Labour

Labour MPs feared of a lost seat on June 8 listening to media siren voices whispering “tactical voting” should be told no matter the odds we can’t “outflank” the Tories – they have to be challenged head on.

The Communist Party’ has grasped the nettle of the importance of this election with the chance of a left political climate change that needs every vote for Labour garnered, with the popular vote as important as the seats gained, thus sustaining this change well beyond 2017.

Every vote against the Tories will show that the people are not willing to be used as pawns in a cynical snap election aimed at some kind of super power giving May a free hand in the Brexit negotiations.

The task is big for a working class activists, by hand or brain, frustrated by the ruling class’s long political dominance over their lives, having tried everything , short of revolution, to “beat the system“

Its understandable frustration at a Tory Party, sustained by millionaires’ wealth, in return sustaining the millionaires powers. Tory governments by administrative means helping bosses and hindering workers, in its extreme form by anti-trade union laws.

The ruling class’s tentacles are every where especially in a media proving daily that “black is white” to citizens who rely on its news and views for guidance but gets propaganda. Its gone into overdrive deriding Corbyn and Labour and extolling May’s “virtues.

We justly claim that “They are few and we are many,” bound together by our needs. But to make this count it needs unity in action countering a ruling class’s use of division in our ranks. Unity is needed now.

It is a two horse race no pacemakers no outsiders its “us or them!” Best make it us.

Dealing with Britain’s probems Nero did better

Thoughts for the Day on Maggie May.

The Snap election hailed as “Maggie” May’s capitalising on Labour’s low poll rating is I really about the chance of five more years before an unsuspecting electorate finds out the bleak economic future Britain faces.

A quick(ish) way out of this economic gloom would be tax the rich who have got tonnes of money, but are the Tory paymasters, so once more they will seek to “grind the faces of the poor” who have little money.

This is the latest Tory story of six years in having spared no one from austerity but the rich, while paring away the other sections of the populace’s incomes.

Any semblance of “work” no matter how poorly paid and part time counts and helps shortens the dole queue figures. Linked to benefits or not, it is encourages, or in the case of the disabled, “forces” to labour for a pittance..

Those in full time work labour under the minimum wage those 24 years old and under getting less a vast army of part and full time low paid and unskilled toil in warehouses, call centres, food preparation, retail, hotel and catering. The worst of the jobs go to immigrant workers.

Those at work have seen wages capped at nil or stagnate for eight years and more, has not and will not, rise enough in the coming years.

To help “hard working families” the Tories increased the “threshold” below which the citizen pays tax now to £11,500 (£221.00 a week) reducing the tax take not only from the bottom 20p basic but the (middle classes) 40p top rate level.

Pensioners incomes are/have been cut through changes to the formula for annual increases by replacing RPI with CPI. Second and graduated pensions cut to 1%, Pensioners Savings Credits cut (None if a pensioners after April 2016). Interest on saving yield next to nothing.

The “rich” though have had cuts in taxation and through their accountants knowledge of the way to do it without cheating. By cheating the super rich pay little or tax at all.

The balance of payments now relies on the City and and tourism rather than production and industrial goods. The stock marketeers or the weather Britain’s two great areas of unpredictability!

The lack of government funds to finance public services is the problem but instead of the measures increase revenues by creating wealth and thus taxes the Tories cut services and reinforcing poverty. Nero did better.!