Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Winter Economy Plan founded on the future viability of enterprises is more about fortune telling than economics.

It’s built on the false premise that whatis viable today will be so there after. Its impossible to fathom and depends a great deal on how Rishi and co helps or hinders their viability

The plan is said to be based on the German model; a nation with robust manufacturing, technology, finance and service industries with full employment. In being for ten years. None of which applies here.

Ironically Margaret Thatcher’s “abandonment” of industries such as steel and shipbuilding was based on her opinion as not being viable and sold off to foreign companies or on to the scrap heap leaving the country’s economies and job opportunities to the banks and venture capitalists.

Alongside this the training structure provided people with the skills at its head six Industrial Training Boards overseeing on and off the job training from night schools to tech colleges jointly funded by the employers and the state. Thatcher thus relieving the bosses of “a drag on profits.”

Training today is mostly a hotch potch affair with some apprenticeships as of old teaching the skills needed in industries such as building and engineering, Most are what used to be the in house training by employers.

What to do? Start from the other end seek to keep people in work by improving the chances of enterprises now in being and develop high tech and green industries. Start to rebuild the training structures destroyed by past Tory governments an ignored by Labour.

How about \ new training structure as a first policy document or the Labour Party supported by the TUC!

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