Battle to beat O-be-sit-ty

The problem with Boris Johnson’s latest ruse “The Battle to Beat Obesity” Battle, battle, battle to beat, beat, beat ….ob-es-ity!  Is the lack of any knowledge of the target audience.

This vital in a campaign aimed at stemming  millions of our people being “too fat,  to give it the title best known among us the working or in this case the unemployed and the under paid employed classes.

To be fair good start was made with an example of what it means with “fatty” Boris walking the dog but the usual middle class like bans on early night TV adverts and labeling foods, or cookery classes will not help.

The obstacles to considering dieting (exercise they get aplenty daily) for the average women and men (in that order) and children are many and start early.

At dawn possibly to wash, clothe, feed and take the kids to school or nursery and go to that work at home, If any, or away. Then for many collect the kids and home for a similar evening routine.

Cries of foul will come from the food and drink industries if any attempt is made to stem the shops stocking up with sweets, crisps end pop being handily placed and piled high as with is profits.

It is by now well known what the root cause of obesity is it is not having enough money or time to feed families properly and resorting to cheap(ish) junk, processed and unhealthy food and drink.

This is nothing new,  poverty as always leads  to illness as is always the case historically and that someone will find a away of making money from it.

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