Cymru am Byth!

Climb every mountain in Wales 2012 Senned election

Those looking for signs of Labour’s “mountain to climb” to power should not look further than foothills of Snowdonia or any of Wales ranges in 2021 for their its steps.

The record shows that the Welsh electorate voting in Merthyr Tydfil elected Keir (no relation) Hardy in 1900 the foundation which has given Labour in Wales majority support since WW2 and in the Senedd since 1990.

December 2019 general election Wales Labour lost six seats with 41 percent, the Tories 36 and Plaid 9.9. A January poll showed more people would vote Conservative than Labour in Wales!

A YouGov for ITV/Cardiff University Poll in April gave clear leads of twelve percentage points to the Tories in a general election; and six points for the Senedd on the constituency vote..

Pollster Professor Paul Scully said both the Westminster and Senedd votes were at their highest ever rating with Welsh position then was in line with Britain-wide polls enhanced by a ‘rally to the flag’ effect in the first weeks of the Covid-19 crisis..

But says “Things have changed with increasing public scepticism at Johnson government’s handling of Covid-19.. Doing significant damage to public evaluations of him and his party.” The Dominic Cummings saga significant damage to the Johnson government and the Tories.

This while Labour leader  Mark Drakeford’s emphasis on people’s lives first backed by the people of Wales rather than to Johnson’s “go anywhere.”

The desperate attempt to open schools, and its dangers, in England to the youngest children, aimed as much at getting parents back to work, contrasted badly with the Wales approach to the opening of all schools on June 29.

The signs are of the Labour movement in Wales sticking to its socialist principles under Drakeford its conduct during the pandemic restoring confidence in that and not try taking the Tories on at their own game.

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