‘A nice cup of tea will save fish and do you good’ say *experts’

Those looking to answer for the mountains of plastic which unless, eaten by deluded fish, lie festering at the bottom of the oceans need look no further than thier noses to end one of the main ingredients amongst this morass of plastic cups.

Why it should be that where thirsts were quenched at intervals of say four hours, nowadays thirst is an ever present curse of the human condition leading to the use of million of plastic cups which has got so bad a degradable receptacle (I like that! RJ) is being sought as an alternative.

The spectre of thirst that, even if not actual, haunts not only the lowly (I like that as well) but that of the nation’s leaders, with government minsters and other dignitaries seen in life and on Telly clutching plastic cups, before straws, as they rush through swing doors for meetings where they seek to save the world. Only, apparently, the dry parts.

The thousands of rest of us on the way to work, at lunch time and going home and elsewhere grip tight to the things never it sems actually drinking any of the stuff.

Plastic cups are piled high in cafes and inside machines that occupy handy positions at shops, offices , factories and leisure centres into which every known type of liquid issues forth People are condition to drink from plastic now pubs to prams where plump ones grasp at them like a lifeline.

Thus concerned people if not the fish, look desperately for an alternative to plastic A thing tried by one organisation was by substituting paper! For obvious reasons it didn’t work!

There is an alternative to one aspect of this problem that will kill two birds with one stone (but save fish) that is to supply refreshment and improve things for those risking heart attacks in their rush to work helped by drinking on the run. By slowing down when they get there

It needs the return in working time of morning and afternoon tea breaks to factories, building sites and offices administered by Tea Boys and Tea Ladies (now Tea Persons) serving up mugs of hot steaming tea from their trollies.

*I hav’nt invented a name for them yet .. but  they will be indepent.

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