Remembering Ken Cameron

Remembering Ken(y) Cameron .. Roy Jones.

One day at the time of the poll tax struggles (1989/90) the Editor of the Morning Star Tony Chater came to me and said Ken Cameron is on trial today at a West London Courts for refusing to pay his poll tax and its important we get his STATEMENT.”

I had first to call in for a meeting of the Labour and Industrial group shindig with Rodney Bickerstaffe of NUPE which I did leaving the wines on the table and getting to the court met Ken who had parked his car near bye and in we went.

The case against Ken was brief, not paying his poll tax and the magistrate wanted to know why and when he would.

Ken from the dock rose to his full height and told of him “being the leader of the thousands strong Fire Brigades Union whose members ready to” … the Rights of Man bit was interrupted by the magistrate “yes Mr Cameron but its about your poll tax none payment..”

Now, armed now with the Magna Carta, Ken continued “the Citizens of this land will not …. Magistrate “No Mr Cameron its about your poll tax nothing more.” Ken “But I want ..” Mr Cameron you may leave the court. Just pay your poll tax.”

Outside I then got the statement from Ken for the Star filed it and ignoring any court jousting it duly appeared. (Not quite a page lead)

We left the court and went to where Ken had parked his car, which -was not there! A worker on scaffolding over a shop adjacent shouted “If your looking for a car? One’s just been towed away.” “Crickey” said Ken or a word to that effect, it had all our Christmas shopping in it. Nuala won’t be happy.”

A moment’s thought and Ken dealt with the situation with his usual calm; hailed a cab and told the driver “The Victoria Club, Smith Square.”

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