(To much) Talk is Cheap Dave.

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Prime Minsters used to be; Well; Prime Ministerial way back when it would be quite an occasion for the Prime Minister of the day to broadcast his (the is BT before Thatcher) vision for the future with the nation and every body listened.

The presence, even, of the nation’s leader in the House of Commons was rare and then only to make statements of vital importance about the well being of Britain’s populace, usually the start (or end) of a war, 1939 was the first year that the start of a conflict was heard on the “wireless” with everyone eager to listen to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

Newspapers and any other media in being would be alerted and every word re-written and analysed as to what the Prime Minster had said from the evening editions, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it” and “The Prime Minister speaks !” The wireless announcer would proclaim “Stand by for the latest .. on the Prime Mister’s Speech to Parliament.”

He was hardly seen out and about at all; too busy with the affairs of state, like urging Royalty to go, nothing much else. The more mundane of things like work, education, transport and the like would be seen to by his minions, most of whom apart from the Foreign Secretary and the Chancellor at Budget time would be known to the public at large.

The advantage to all of this is that if the Prime Minister of the day was thick, living as he did  in his Ivory Tower no one ever found out. His omnipotence kept him free from sin.

This over the years broke down even unto Thatcher though aloofness was seen as a good thing. Why not keep your mouth shut and let people think your soft rather than open it and prove it to be so?

Tony Blair opened things up a bit but David Cameron when seen on the television or heard on the radio, at least twice a day, the people rush to turn him off; “Not the !!!!! again!”!is the cry. Hardly a man for all seasons more an idiot for all idioms.

In the House of Commons he pushes his way through the crowd making statements of little importance, elbowing lesser colleagues out of the way in order to do prepared “Stand up” routines in front of a pumped up audience primed as his feed as in comedy acts of old.

The media is also primed in advance as to what he will say and what it all means, and when he gets it all wrong the stooges will explain that he didn’t really say, what he just said a and the populace anyway turn the page or the Channel for something more erudite.

Where his predecessors were incommunicado dealing with the Affairs of State Cameron  stands up for the state of the affairs of his mates, MPs and employees, running red faced in congresses, conferences, foreign trips, press briefings, shops, offices and (in a tin hat) factories, maximising every photo shot in the book

No Ivory Tower from him but a programme of explaining to carefully chosen audiences and the television cameras how he will fix the myriad of things that have gone wrong, usually under Labour,  how he will put it right and when he doesn’t as with immigration its just another opportunity to tell it like it is.

So Big Dave, ignoring his wife’s “Your not going out again, are you” and never savouring a moment of golden silence is wound up and sets off, mostly in circles, making his shortcomings manifest unlike his predecessor Winston Churchill whose falibilities were never questioned but above all new how to make every word count.

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