There’s gratitude for you!

Well I blame those colonials. Britain and other European countries spend centuries raping and pillaging Africa and Asia of their wealth leaving behind nerey a footie pitch and develop the Americas by way of the slave trade and there’s no gratitude.

Then FIFA come along in the 1950s and use some of their ill gotten gains from World Cup football, a competition England refused at first to join, to start the sporting revolution that develops the game to such an extent that players from these countries are transported to Britain where they take over from home grown talent thus weakening our international teams… how’s that for gratitude.

The representatives of these countries serving on FIFA forget all that Europe have done for them and vote for somebody from SWITZERLAND a country with no known history of colonialism ditching one of their own, a graduate of Sandhurst no less.

Then there’s them Russians, the Oligarchs, not content with being able to buy up most of Britain’s football clubs (and London’s Mansions) they bring in many colonials and other players of darker skins thus weakening the chances of our home international teams they financed, and won Russia’s bid for the 2018 World Cup.

In this process the Russians put to shame England’s £18 million and and their “little Princes” bid to win the World Cup Competition, one they had never hosted, with hard cash. And look what we did for Russia … Lack of gratitude or chickens coming home to roost?


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