Twas Ever Thus

Emile Zola Germinal 1885 Part 3 chapter 1.

Scene a pub in a French pit village

The revolution had had only made things worse (for the working man) the bourgeois had been living off the fat of the land since 1789, greedily taking every thing for themselves and leaving not so much as scraps off their plates.”

You didn’t get bread on your table by voting for these splendid fellows who then promptly went off and led a life of Riley and spared no more of a thought for the poor than they did for an old pair of boots.”

No one way or another it was time to put a stop to things, by nicely by agreeing new laws” (seen here as the Karl Marx way) “or else like savages, torching the place and fighting each other to the last man.” (Anarchism).

There would have to be another revolution before the century was through, A workers revolution this time , a right bust up that would sort society out and rebuilt on a just and proper basis.”

Things can’t go on like this” Mme Rasseneur repeated insistently. “Quite right!” the three of them cried. “Things cant go on like this!”

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